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5 Steps to Successful Capacity Management

Capacity management is the practice of ensuring IT resources are the right size to meet both current and future needs. Effective capacity management avoids being reactive to problems by being proactive to make sure capacity problems never start.  Continue reading “5 Steps to Successful Capacity Management”


IT Capacity Management –A Necessity for Businesses in Today’s Virtual Environments

Today, more companies are realizing the usefulness of IT capacity management tools. While these tools have been around for some time, there wasn’t much of a need for them – until now.

In the world of cloud and virtualized solutions, the high levels of automation and complexity in systems has created a greater need for capacity management in today’s IT environment. Companies need to be able to forecast capacity levels, plan ahead for IT operations, and predict risks in critical applications before they happen. This is where capacity management tools and IT capacity management planning come into play. Continue reading “IT Capacity Management –A Necessity for Businesses in Today’s Virtual Environments”