The Cloud Is the Latest Computing Architecture

Cloud computing is becoming more common for a variety of reasons. If you’re interested in moving to private or public cloud computing, here we’ll cover the basics of cloud computing architecture and how it is being implemented today. Continue reading “The Cloud Is the Latest Computing Architecture”


Why Scale-out Storage Is Better than Traditional Storage

Having enough storage capacity is critical for storage devices. If you run out of capacity, the solution may be as simple as adding a new shelf of drives or as complex as adding a whole new data center. While simpler solutions are preferred, the difference between simple or complex solutions can be whether your system is designed to scale-up or scale-out. Continue reading “Why Scale-out Storage Is Better than Traditional Storage”

Hybrid Cloud as the Future of Cloud Hosting

Hybrid cloud services are the wave of the future. As cloud computing continues to evolve and cloud services expand, hybrid cloud computing is gaining developer and investor interest with promises to change the future of enterprise IT. Even as a newer entrant, hybrid cloud computing is becoming known as the gold mine of the future. Continue reading “Hybrid Cloud as the Future of Cloud Hosting”

Top 3 Data Center Management Challenges

The costs for deploying and managing on-demand technology services continue to skyrocket as demand increases. To manage complex deployments with higher costs, and to ensure uptime and reliability, data center management personnel need access to data that isn’t always immediately available. The following are the top three challenges experienced in data center management and how data center infrastructure solutions can help resolve these challenges. Continue reading “Top 3 Data Center Management Challenges”