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The Cloud Is the Latest Computing Architecture

Cloud computing is becoming more common for a variety of reasons. If you’re interested in moving to private or public cloud computing, here we’ll cover the basics of cloud computing architecture and how it is being implemented today. Continue reading “The Cloud Is the Latest Computing Architecture”


Why Scale-out Storage Is Better than Traditional Storage

Having enough storage capacity is critical for storage devices. If you run out of capacity, the solution may be as simple as adding a new shelf of drives or as complex as adding a whole new data center. While simpler solutions are preferred, the difference between simple or complex solutions can be whether your system is designed to scale-up or scale-out. Continue reading “Why Scale-out Storage Is Better than Traditional Storage”

Tips and Best Practices for Data Storage Management

Data storage management isn’t what it used to be. In the past, hard drives stored information and onsite backups saved the daywhen hard drives failed. With these methods, organizations had more time to shop the market and compare storage upgrades.

Data storage companies today face the pressure of delivering data-related performance that’s bigger, better, faster, with greater agility. Data storage management has become more complicated and competitive with storage solutions for different workloads.

Continue reading “Tips and Best Practices for Data Storage Management”

IT Capacity Management –A Necessity for Businesses in Today’s Virtual Environments

Today, more companies are realizing the usefulness of IT capacity management tools. While these tools have been around for some time, there wasn’t much of a need for them – until now.

In the world of cloud and virtualized solutions, the high levels of automation and complexity in systems has created a greater need for capacity management in today’s IT environment. Companies need to be able to forecast capacity levels, plan ahead for IT operations, and predict risks in critical applications before they happen. This is where capacity management tools and IT capacity management planning come into play. Continue reading “IT Capacity Management –A Necessity for Businesses in Today’s Virtual Environments”

Private Cloud Storage: How is it different from public cloud storage?

More businesses recognize the affordability, reliability, and scalability of storing data in the cloud. But the question often asked is whether to choose public cloud storage, private cloud storage, or hybrid cloud services using local and off-site resources.

There are often misconceptions about private cloud infrastructure and storage. Here we’re helping you understand what private cloud storage is and what it is not. Continue reading “Private Cloud Storage: How is it different from public cloud storage?”