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5 Steps to Successful Capacity Management

Capacity management is the practice of ensuring IT resources are the right size to meet both current and future needs. Effective capacity management avoids being reactive to problems by being proactive to make sure capacity problems never start.  Continue reading “5 Steps to Successful Capacity Management”


Comprehensive Guide to Data Center Infrastructure Management

Data centers are physical facilities which companies use to house important business applications and information. As data centers evolve, it’s critical to think long-term about the best ways to maintain reliability and security through effective data center management. The following contains the critical elements driving today’s data storage management, and that of the future. Continue reading “Comprehensive Guide to Data Center Infrastructure Management”

Why Scale-out Storage Is Better than Traditional Storage

Having enough storage capacity is critical for storage devices. If you run out of capacity, the solution may be as simple as adding a new shelf of drives or as complex as adding a whole new data center. While simpler solutions are preferred, the difference between simple or complex solutions can be whether your system is designed to scale-up or scale-out. Continue reading “Why Scale-out Storage Is Better than Traditional Storage”

Tips and Best Practices for Data Storage Management

Data storage management isn’t what it used to be. In the past, hard drives stored information and onsite backups saved the daywhen hard drives failed. With these methods, organizations had more time to shop the market and compare storage upgrades.

Data storage companies today face the pressure of delivering data-related performance that’s bigger, better, faster, with greater agility. Data storage management has become more complicated and competitive with storage solutions for different workloads.

Continue reading “Tips and Best Practices for Data Storage Management”