3 Benefits of Using Enterprise Cloud Applications

In this evolving and competitive market, businesses are continually trying to develop new and innovative ways to add value and simplify the lives of their customers. As consumers, we get to reap the benefits of better service and faster access to technology advances.

To improve client experience and organizational structure, many organizations are moving to enterprise cloud application technology. Consider the hospitality or food and beverage industry. What better industries to implement cloud storage when traditionally their servers are stored in a closet? Now all their programs and applications can run in the cloud with public cloud infrastructure.

Yet, the main benefit of choosing this solution is the ability to scale up or down resources while companies only pay for what they’re using. In addition, some of the higher-end enterprise cloud applications need modern solutions built for modern methods of app delivery. Solutions like SaaS and The Web applications are developed through solutions for cloud-based delivery offering higher security, availability, and better performance.

Consider the following three benefits of enterprise cloud applications.

1.    Slashes IT Expenses

By moving to cloud storage, you’ll naturally save on hardware and maintenance costs. But with an enterprise cloud application solution, you’ll also reduce costs for support as the user experience enhances app performance. In addition, you will likely enjoy other advantages such as the affordability of public cloud infrastructure for your business’ app delivery.

2.    Better Security

Security is a major concern for every business. By choosing safe and secure cloud networks, you’re helping secure your data and giving your company the privacy it needs. Using cloud storage for your company means no more losing files on computers or laptops due to hardware failures or theft. The cloud can keep your data and documents safe with encryption, data recovering, and backup options.

3.    Simplifying How You Work

Cloud storage solutions are replacing hardware-based solutions because they couldn’t handle the scaling process quickly and efficiently. Now, you can deliver reliable service with every app without dealing with server limitations. Until recent technology emerged, IT departments had to constantly buy and configure new hardware and software so everyone in the company had up-to-date information and new technology. Depending on the size of the company, this was a significant expense to maintain.

Enterprise cloud application solutions solve this issue by storing applications, programs, and files in the cloud. As discussed previously, this also slashes costs for IT departments without the need to spend time and resources on new software and hardware upgrades.

The benefits of enterprise cloud applications for your business make it worth the investment. The simplicity and affordability of cloud storage make it even easier for companies to adopt the technology.

At Datera, we help organizations discover better cloud solutions to reduce costs and improve scalability. Contact us today to learn more.


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