Top 3 Data Center Management Challenges

The costs for deploying and managing on-demand technology services continue to skyrocket as demand increases. To manage complex deployments with higher costs, and to ensure uptime and reliability, data center management personnel need access to data that isn’t always immediately available. The following are the top three challenges experienced in data center management and how data center infrastructure solutions can help resolve these challenges.

#1: Maintaining Uptime and Availability

If you manage your server information with spreadsheets or homegrown tools, this information can quickly become inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete. A lack of information can become a hindrance when troubleshooting is needed for unplanned downtime, or when mapping the power chain.

Data center infrastructure solutions provide one easy location to house your asset information. This offers consistent and accurate record keeping with access to readily available visual and textual information. In turn, you reduce the time it takes to locate assets, and ultimately,it helps reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot an issue.

#2: Measuring Reduced Operating Expenses in Reports

Implementing solutions to reduce operating expenses is one thing. Proving that they work and are effectively reducing expenses is another. To prove data center infrastructure solutions are working, data center management teams need to be able to collect cost and performance data and articulate their value to the business.

A dashboard on data center infrastructure solutions with reporting capabilities will allow you to instantly gather data across several dimensions. This allows data center management teams to accurately show important stakeholders how the data center is operating efficiently and reducing costs.

#3: Keeping Energy Usage and Costs Low

Many online companies run their facilities at maximum capacity around the clock. This consumes vast amounts of energy, and as a result, data centers are extremely wasteful with energy consumption and electricity leading to higher costs.

Data center infrastructure solutions help monitor energy consumption and cycle off servers during the off hours. Sensors can collect information for raising temperature set points safely. They can also help companies implement an energy bill-back program which can drive energy efficient behaviors for data center management.

Need help reducing costs and managing your data center efficiently? Datera offers data center management and data center infrastructure solutions to achieve greater reliability and efficiency while saving costs. Try our free demo to learn more.


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